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Welcome to the North West Leeds Transport Forum (NWLTF).

NWLTF was established to provide a forum for discussion of transport issues affecting North West Leeds. It draws its membership from local resident and community associations, and liaises closely with local businesses. Its objective is to help and support local communities to evaluate the likely effects of transport proposals on their area and to be pro-active in identifying desirable changes.

NWLTF is co-chaired by Doug Kemp who is chairman of the West Park Resident's Association and Martyn Thomas who is chairman of the Weetwood Resident's Association the Weetwood Resident's Association.

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Recent News

October 2018 - NWLTF submits objection to airport flight path proposals

Following concerns expressed by residents of North West Leeds over aircraft noise, NWLTF have written to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) objecting to the proposed changes in the Leeds Bradford Airspace on the grounds that they are likely to result in a significant increase in aircraft noise over North West Leeds and that the public consultation exercise conducted in 2017 was deficient.

The NWLTF submission has been acknowledged by the CAA who have indicated that they will take it into consideration as part of their regulatory decision-making process.

The NWLTF objection, together with an executive summary, can be viewed here. The NWLTF objection letters which have been sent to the Civil Aviation Authority can be found in the Documents section and are available here and here.

September 2018 - NWLTF to meet with representatives of Leeds Bradford Airport

In the light of concerns about levels of aircraft noise over North Leeds during Summer 2018, NWLTF have asked for a meeting with representatives of the Airport to discuss these concerns and to seek further information about the proposed changes in take-off paths and plans for further expansion of the airport.

September 2018 - Leeds City Council publish revised proposals

Leeds City Council have produced revised proposals for changes at Holt Lane and Otley Old Rd on the Connecting Leeds website proposals.

August 2018 - NWLTF responds to Leeds City Council's initial proposals for changes on A660

After careful consideration and consultation with member organisations, NWLTF issued its response to the City Council's initial proposals for schemes along the A660.

June 2018 - Leeds City Council seek comments on their initial proposals for schemes in the A660 corridor

Leeds City Council have published their initial proposals for schemes in the A660 corridor on the Connecting Leeds website. NWLTF will be responding to the proposals but, in the meantime, encourages you to study the proposals and submit your own response.

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