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In here you can find all the articles we have published in the past.

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Proposal for traffic flow on the A660 corridor

The North West Leeds Transport Forum has produced a paper as a response to the problems of traffic flow on the A660 into and out of Leeds. This document can be read here. Comments on the document can be sent to

August 2015 - NWLTF Opinion Survey results

As discussed below NWLTF has produced alternative proposals to improve public transport in Leeds and especially on the A660 corridor.

Several public meetings have been held and the opinion survey results from those meetings together with further revised versions of the proposals can be found on Transport Proposals page or accessed from the menu on the left.

June 2015 - NWLTF Transport Proposals St Chad's meeting feedback

As discussed below NWLTF has produced alternative proposals to improve public transport in Leeds and especially on the A660 corridor. A meeting was held on 19 June 2015 at St Chad's and the feedback form from that meeting, together with the latest proposals can be found on the Transport Proposals page or accessed from the menu on the left. Please let us have your feedback via this form which can be printed out and mailed to the adresses on the form or downloaded, edited and then emailed to

March 2015 - NWLTF Transport Proposals - your thoughts please

NWLTF has put together an assembly of transport proposals, which draws on published documents, blue-sky thinking and discussions with interested parties. This proposal shows that significant improvements to public transport for Leeds, and especially on the A660, could be achieved without the scale of expenditure envisaged for the NGT trolleybus scheme. Local residents are encouraged to view these (Press here) and give their comments on these suggestion via email to

February 2015 - NWLTF Transport Proposals for the Area

This assembly of transport proposals draws on published documents, blue-sky thinking and discussions with interested parties. The proposals are in full accord with national and local priorities. We believe that, for a number of reasons, including the prospect of increased devolution to the Leeds City Region, their potential inclusion in Leeds transport strategy should be considered as a matter of urgency. An executive summary of the proposals can be found here and the complete document can be found here.

The documents are also available by following the NWLTF Documents link on the side MENU bar.


Using the 1,100+ documents submitted by Leeds City Council / Metro in support of the trolleybus scheme, NWLTF has spent many hours/days/weeks in an extensive examination of the trolleybus case. This can be seen in the documents submitted by NWLTF to the Inquiry. These documents can be viewed by clicking here or by following the NWLTF Documents link on the side MENU bar.


On the 31st October the Public Inquiry into the proposed single line trolleybus system between Park and Rides at Bodington and Stourton finished.

When it started on the 29th April it was originally scheduled for only 30 days, however, the 1,759 objections and the level of public scrutiny directed at the scheme by associations and individuals has meant that the Inquiry was extended for 72 days.

The Leeds City Council / Metro team proposing the scheme tabled over 1,100 official documents and fielded 16 witnesses, which included several external consultants. These witnesses were cross-examined by objectors and a QC acting for First West Yorkshire, who also objected to the proposal.

An audio recording is available by clicking here or by following the AUDIO link on the side Menu bar. Recorded with the Inspectors permission, this covers all of the 72 days' proceedings. Although not officially entered as evidence it does provides a full word-for-word account of the statements and cross-examination of both NGT witnesses and objectors.

The Inquiry Inspector is expected to submit a report to the Secretary of State in May 2015. It is generally speculated that no decision will be made by the Secretary of State until AFTER next year's General Election.


A one page view, based on evidence from Metro given to the Public Inquiry, as to the impact of introducing a trolleybus system in Leeds.

This quick 2-minute overview of the trolleybus and its effects should encourage readers to delve into the documents and recordings of the Public Inquiry.

To view and print this document press here

November 2014 - the NGT Public Inquiry

Many of you will know that the public inquiry for NGT has now finished. This website will be updated soon with an analysis of what happened at the inquiry and what happens next so please check here in a few days for the latest information.

July 2014 - the NGT Public Enquiry

Many of you will also know that the public inquiry timescale has been greatly extended due to the number of objectors and the detailed analysis of their objections. Because of this extended timescal there is a holiday period and therefore the Inquiry will adjourn at lunch on Thursday 24th July and resume Tuesday, 2nd September.

As you may know a complete set of audio recordings have been made by the objectors which is available for you to listen to. As this consists of many individual recordings we have included an index to the recordings which can be accessed here.

May 2014 - the NGT Public Enquiry

Many of you will know that the public equiry is being held at Regus 2 Wellington Place, Leeds LS1 4AP and the public is invited to drop in and listen to any of the sessions. The enquiry has its own website which can be found at NGT public Enquiry. There is also a recording being made of all the sessions if you cannot get to the venue. This recording can accessed at NGT enquiry blog. This link is the first day of the recordings and you can hear the other days recordings and together with commentary by clicking on the links for May in the Blog Archive.


A Public Enquiry has been announced, although as yet no date has been arranged.

If you submitted an objection you will have been asked whether you would like to appear at the inquiry ie. Present oral evidence.

If you have decided not to speak, there is nothing else that you need to do BUT:

You can submit further detailed evidence before the inquiry starts to improve your objection. You can still write into newspapers such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.


If you asked to speak at the inquiry, then you need to prepare a STATEMENT of CASE (SoC). This is a written statement giving full details of the case you want to present to the inquiry.
You MUST send in a Statement of Case (SoC) to arrive before the 30th January.
If you consider that your original objection letter provides sufficient detail of your objection then you MUST write in asking that your objection letter be treated as your Statement of Case, commenting that you reserve the right to supplement your SoC in the future.
It is important that any SoC should include a list of the documents you may want to make reference to, along with relevant extracts from these documents. The inspector will only have hard copies of papers from NGT and relevant Govt policy documents. They almost certainly will not have any local government ones.

This must be done straight away, and MUST arrive no later than Thursday 30th January, at the following addresses:
Angela Foster
Department for Transport
Transport & Works Act Orders Unit
General Counsel's Office
Zone 1/18
Great Minster House
33 Horsferry Road

NGT Metro
c/0 Bircham Dyson Bell
Solicitors and Parliamentary Agents
50 Broadway

NOTE: All SoC's will be published on an official website

October 2013:

NWLTF organised and held meetings at St Andrews Church Hall and at St Chads Parish Centre to discuss the TWAO proposals. Over 200 residents attended these meetings, listening to comments made on behalf of NWLTF and expressing their views. The ITV Calendar team filmed a report of the St Andrews meeting, broadcast the following day. (Metro were invited to attend but decline to do so, feeling that it was inappropriate following the submission of the TWAO).

NWLTF announce results of Opinion survey (see Consultation).

NWLTF submit objection to TWAO (see The NWLTF Objection)

The Federation of Small Businesses held ameeting to discuss the proposals and their response can be found here.

September 2013:

Transport and Works Act Order(TWAO) is submitted. NWLTF circulates questionnaire to gauge opinion of NGT through the local resident / community groups between Holt Park and Headingley. Arrangements made for completed questionnaires to be returned through local businesses and resident addresses across the area.

July 2013:

A delegation from NWLTF met with Councillor James Lewis and members of the NGT Team at the Metro offices to discuss possible alternatives to the Design Freeze 7 plans for NGT.

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