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North West Leeds Transport Forum

Forum Membership

The membership comprises Resident Associations and other Community Groups in North West Leeds. The current members are (working from North to South): West Park Residents Association, Weetwood Residents Association, Church Wood and Drummonds Residents Association, Far Headingley Village Society, Beckett Park Residents Association and North Hyde Park Residents Association. Membership is open to other Associations or Groups who share the objectives outlined below.

Modus Operandi

The work of the Forum is carried out by a Working Group drawn from representatives from the member organisations together with co-opted members who can bring specific expertise and professional experience to the working group. Additional input is sought from professional advisors, from representatives of businesses in North West Leeds and, when appropriate, via wider consultation with residents in the area.


Origins and early years of NWLTF

The main stimulus for the inauguration of the Forum was the widespread local concern, in late 2012, that a major scheme (the NGT Trolleybus) was to be introduced along the A660 without, in the opinion of many local residents, adequate consultation or consideration of local impacts. Although other local groups were already actively opposing the scheme, the founders of the Forum believed that, rather than simply oppose the scheme, it was important to promote a constructive debate about what was needed and to examine whether or not the proposed scheme would be beneficial. Advice from professional experts suggested that aspects of the scheme were fundamentally flawed and following a series of public meetings and a survey of public opinion, the Forum concluded that it should try to persuade the Council to withdraw or radically amend its proposals. Meetings were held with relevant officials and senior councillors, letters were sent to the Press and a deputation was made to the full Council. But all this was to no avail and so the Forum concluded that it would have to take its objection to the scheme to the Public Inquiry. This was a major undertaking involving many hundreds of hours of work by Forum members. The Forum's evidence to the Inquiry evidence was to be the most detailed analysis and critique of the proposal presented at the Inquiry and, together with its technical cross-examination of the proposer's expert witnesses, played a major role in persuading the Inspector that the scheme should be abandoned.

In the months following the Inquiry, the Forum produced a document outlining other, more appropriate, public transport initiatives in Leeds and lobbied for the money which was to have been contributed by the Department of Transport to the Trolleybus scheme to be made available to fund such initiatives. Throughout this period, Forum members continued to liaise with council officials and senior councillors and gave Forum's evidence to the Council's Scrutiny Committee when it examined what had gone wrong in its pursuit of the trolleybus scheme.

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