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NWLTF Documents Airport Expansion

In January 2020 Leeds Bradford Airport submitted a Planning Application to build a new terminal, to extend the daytime flight flying hours and to remove the existing restrictions on the number of night time flights - developments that will enable the expansion of the airport. NWLTF examined the supporting documents - which were available on Leeds City Council's planning portal, and concluded that it should object to the proposals. A survey of local opinion was conducted and detailed objection was prepared, discussed and submitted. Member organisations and individual residents were urged to make their own representations. Documents produced by NWLTF in relation to this planning application, to the pre-application submitted by LBA in Autumn 2019, and to LBA's 2018 proposal to alter the flight paths are listed below along with some other documents of interest. Documents concerning the airport expansion plans that may be of particular interest are:

NWLTF's Responses to The Planning application

Interesting documents produced by other organisations:

NWLTF's response to the proposals to alter the flight paths

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